DIY Wine-Themed Oregon Vineyard Wedding

Saturday, May 10 2014
The newlyweds caught in a tender embrace on the groom's pastoral family vineyard.

Stephanie Monroe, 26, and Nicholas VanSchepen, 30, spent three years planning their wedding, but for good reason—they were waiting for the groom’s sister, Dana Blizzard, to finish perfecting the couple’s very own unique blend of wine to debut on the big day. Using the rich colors of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc as inspiration, the bride spent those three years DIY-ing the details of their nuptials.

“Most people wonder why our engagement was so long, but I like to compare it to wine. You just can't rush making perfection, and that's what our day was like. We had so much time to really think about what we wanted for our big day and it was worth every minute of the wait,” says Stephanie.

True to wine connoisseur form, the couple exchanged vows on the groom’s family vineyard property surrounded by lush Oregon greenery and rustic touches on August 24 of 2013. Today, the appropriately dubbed “Wedding Blend” is one of Blizzard Wine’s best selling products.

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