Free Waxing at Portland European Wax Center!

Friday, November 4 2011

Attention wedding party: wax-off your unwanted hair for FREE at the Beaverton Premiere Week for the Portland European Wax Center. Hair removal is a must-do priority for brides, so what a fantastic way to save some cash, and get your you-know-whats silky smooth!

The premiere dates are still TBA, but if you sign up online, you will be contacted shortly to make an appointment for free waxing services! Oh, that's right -- take your pick of what you want stripped away. But remember, like all free deals, these are first-come, first-serve basis. I'd suggest running over to that website now to sign up! The opening week will be sometime late December -- so keep that time slot in mind while writing your name on the list!

A little about the European Wax Center? While using 100% beeswax mixed with the worlds finest polymers -- the wax is placed on the skin at bath water temperature. The best part: the beeswax adheres to the hair follicle: not the skin. Their non-strip method can be used on larger areas of skin. It sets quickly, and like elastic, pulls off just as fast. Efficient, quick, and in the blink of an eye: hello, gorgeous! 

You will not want to pass this awesome opportunity up! Once again, head over HERE to sign up for your free waxing service!