Outdoorsy Lakeside Autumn Wedding

Friday, October 17 2014

One of my favorite things about Oregon is the abundance of locales like Central Oregon’s Suttle Lake, where nice days make you feel lucky to be alive in such a beautiful place. It’s easy to take such gorgeous surroundings for granted when they’re so accessible. One of the things I love so much about Ali and Marcus’s late summer/early fall wedding is how they made the most of everything the setting had to offer. From the sweet photos of the bride and groom nestled in a canoe, to the cabins where they hosted their guests for the weekend of romance, to the riverside proposal at Camp Sherman, this is a couple who appreciates the wonders of our state—and of each other! Take a look through the photos for further evidence—some of my favorite details include the ultra-trendy yet elegant white bouquet and the simple rustic display of white desserts stacked upon tree stumps. Keep scrolling to see what the bride had to say about her beautiful day.

From the bride:

"After nearly 6 years of dating, Marcus proposed while on a walk along the Metolius River at Camp Sherman. He knows how much I love Central Oregon. Surprisingly, Marcus never knew that Camp Sherman was a place where I have many vivid childhood memories from, but happened to pick the perfect spot to make an incredible new memory! It wasn't until we were there that weekend that I realized Camp Sherman was the place I was often remembering. That made it extra special when we pulled in to the property and I was finally able to put location to all those memories!

We were so excited to start planning our wedding right away that on our drive back home at the end of the weekend we stopped at the Lodge at Suttle Lake to check it out. We immediately fell in love with the beautiful lodge and the amazing views of the lake and mountains in the background and decided that this was our place.

We wanted to get married in the fall and didn't want to wait over a year so there were only a few days available to pick from. We decided to risk going with October 5th knowing we wanted it to be outside wanting nature to be involved with our décor. Planning a wedding in 6 months was a challenge but it all came together perfectly. We were getting pretty nervous because the weekend before our wedding there was a huge storm in the area, but we completely lucked out as it was 73 degrees and sunny on our wedding day! Since the location and views were so beautiful we wanted to keep the wedding simple and celebrate our surroundings. I loved the idea of blending rustic and romantic pieces and decided to use burlap, lace, and wood accents along with simple flowers in old vintage vases. Everything came together exactly as I had imagined thanks to the help of our amazing family and friends."

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