Rustic & Eclectic DIY Barn Wedding

Wednesday, September 24 2014

Talk about a DIY wedding done right! Johnna and Scott’s September wedding at West Linn’s Long Barn Farm was full of quirk, but the details never seem to overshadow the pastoral beauty of the venue or the focus of the day: The couple’s love for one another. Carefully placed doilies and family wedding photos of generations past added just the right amount of vintage flair, while cut-crystal glasses and spare floral arrangements filled with hydrangeas and greenery kept things elegant. That’s not to say this wedding was without its charms—both the desserts and the drinks were served from food trucks (The Honey Pot and St. Josef’s Wine-A-Bago, respectively) while guests snapped photos with a giant rooster in the background! See for yourself—and keep scrolling to read what the groom had to say about his big day.







From the groom:

"I told Johnna we were making a movie called Seven Three-Minute Moments. We were going to go to 7 places where we had amazing experiences together and, for three minutes, we would each tell our story of what happened there between us. On the fourth three-minute moment I proposed to her. I didn’t expect her to be filming at the time but she was. It’s a pretty amazing movie. Our wedding was on September 7th, 2013. Johnna was the inspiration for our wedding. Johnna grew up on a farm and has always had an impeccable eye for beauty. She, her mom, and her friends designed every detail for our wedding. It was incredible!"

See all the photos from Johnna and Scott's wedding here.

The Honey Pot (Closed)