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Wedding color inspiration: Radiant Orchid

As 2014's Pantone Color of the Year, purple, er, Radiant Orchid is having its moment. We asked Lora Losinger of Portland’s Sophisticated Floral Design, to show us how to incorporate an array of purples, including the pinkish Radiant Orchid into a wedding. “Since it’s such a bold color, using it is as an accent on tables such as napkins or centerpieces would be a good way to use it.”

 Losinger added succulents and dark purple sweet peas to this rustic cake from Lamb’s Thriftway:

“Pick a color to contrast with it," suggests Losinger. "For example, you could use a lot of blush colors with the radiant orchid. You could use a mint green or a peach or light ivory, and that can give a vintage look. It brings it down to earth, making it more rustic looking. If you want your wedding to be more formal, adding orchids or gold succulents is a way to go.”

A bridesmaid clutch in this color is a great gift for bridesmaids. Portlander Jamie Tacker of Bellafiore sells these handmade flower clutches on Etsy:


Even on Oregon’s grayest days, radiant orchid has the potential to pack a rich jewel-toned punch to any detail and make your wedding special. 

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