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Cool Hue Valentine

Rebekah Gregorich

In the cool hues of this refreshingly blank space, this couple sparkles sweetly. Blue is the star here, one key inspiration point being Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring": subdued, muted but bursting with emotion. The chills one receives from this scene are ones of excitement, of intrigue. Raw cut paper and watercolors carry forth the simple softness to come. Calm monochromatic petals lay in excess on her forearm, flooded with gorgeous greenery. Greenery also found seemingly stemming from the raw brick walls of the space. A groom in striking color and an open collar is comfortable; a look that states formality is forgone here, we’re past that. Blues so deep and luxurious, they don’t need an accent; yet are complimented by buttercream, by deep woodgrain, cool meets warm for a refreshingly tepid feeling; like bathing in a waterfall. Like strong love that’s cooled to harden.

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