Alice in Wonderland

This charming story inspires a wonderful wedding.

A month after taking in its 3-D splendor, are you still dreaming about Tim Burton's new version of Alice in Wonderland? We are! The movie took the creative world by storm, and today we have an inspiration page dedicated to the classic fairytale.

The great thing about using this story as inspiration is that in the wondrous world of Alice, nothing is perfect. Hair should be tousled, flowers should be overgrown, and everything should be the slightest bit offThis is a fairy tale with a dark side.

tea party table-scape with a mixture of colors and one too many things on the table is a perfect way to incorporate Alice's whimsy into your wedding. While a Mad Hatter tilted cake would be a more literal interpretation, try a towering profiterole cake instead. It's just as fanciful, but not as obvious. For makeup, take a cue from the Spring 2010 Chanel runway and stick to flushed pink tones for a light and fresh look.