A DIY guide to a fun trend.

Oh, vacation! Why must you leave so soon? This mournful question is born from this four-day vacationed soul that is lazily residing in me and still longing for the crackling fireplace, the wonderful company, and the snowy mountains of Estes Park, Colorado where I just had an extended weekend with family and friends.

However, I'm back home in Portland with a fistful of crepe paper and inspiration. First, I must give credit where credit is due: this DIY project, attempted by me and my cousins in celebration of our sweet Charlotte's 1st Birthday, was originally the property of Martha Stewart.

Notice how much more awesome Martha's version is (left) and do not judge the poms that follow. She is a professional, people, and my poms lay humbly in the shadow of this realization.

Still, these poms are incredibly easy to make and inexpensive to mass produce, the perfect addition to a punchy, springtime wedding. I suggest gathering 5-10 of your most creative and detail-oriented friends to help out. Simpl y purchase crepe paper that matches your color scheme and make sure you have plenty of fishing wire (if you're going to hang them), and staples to secure the strings.

I am definitely going to leave the step-by-step instructions up to Martha, because she does a great job explaining it, but conclude with this: the poms we made for Charlotte's birthday turned out great, everyone was impressed and we got tons of compliments for all our "hard work." Imagine how fun they'd be at your reception!