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How would you describe what you do?

We offer authentic, full-service planning, design and styling for



We have an

array of unique decor rentals and

also can create

custom stationery

for full cohesive design for your wedding


How long have you been in the business?

We started designing custom stationery in 2008. There was always a passion for event design and planning and once we were in the wedding industry a few years we noticed a need for full event design so it was a natural progression. We started planning and offering rentals in 2012.

What is your philosophy on Wedding Planners role in helping Brides and Grooms plan their wedding?

Each couple is unique and each wedding should be no different!
All of our planners have a heavy background in design which we find to be a very important aspect to any event! We focus on the overall vision and how all of the elements and vendors work together to help you truly have an event to cherish forever!

Do you offer packages, if so please describe?

We offer a different service to fit each unique couple depending on where they are at in their planning process. We have a range from Day-Of to Full Plan.

What is your most popular package and why?

We have a range of couples, but our Partial Plan service tends to be most popular. A majority of our couples are destination and they are looking for someone on their side for the whole process, but already have an idea of what they are looking for.

How do you charge? What are your rates?

We have a base rate of $1500. We offer a range that is dependent on our involvement, location, guest count and overall service.

Are you able to council couples on Wedding Etiquette?

Of course!

Do you offer any other special services?

Yes, we have an inventory of unique and modern decor rentals and also offer custom stationery and paper goods. We can help with the whole design and style of the day.