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What type/style of flowers do you work with most?

I try to focus on what’s local and in season but often work a lot with hydrangea, garden roses, spray roses, peonies, stock, dahlias, eucalyptus, succulents, and other fun and unusual botanicals. We are very lucky here in the Pacific Northwest in that we have lots of local growers who provide us with a huge variety of wonderful product to choose from all year round. Our local hydrangea and dahlias are some of the best around!

How would you describe your style:

Organic and natural with lots of texture. Some people say my style is very ‘gardeny’ though I can do pretty much whatever style the couple wants.

Are you available to pin corsages and boutonnieres at the site?

Definitely! I find that a lot of folks don’t have a clue as to how to pin them on so I always make sure that I pin them on or that someone there knows how in case I have to leave before they are ready.

Do you do bouquet preservation? If so, what is your cost?

I do not but I can refer you to someone who does. I find that great photography is the best preservation method.

How long have you been working with flowers?

As long as I can remember but as a career, just a little over 6 years.

Are you available to deliver items from my ceremony to the reception?


What type of rental items do you have?

I have a wide variety of vases and containers, pedestals, votive holders, some fun and funky pieces of juniper and other cool branches, a framed chalkboard, chiffon and a birch pergola with a 6’ or 10’ span. We also work with local rental companies and even other florists to find just the right items for your wedding.

Are there any extra services you provide?

I am available to go with couples to all catering and cake tastings!

Seriously, I love being part of the design process from the beginning to help create the overall look and feel of the wedding. This helps the floral aspect fit in organically with the rest of the design and décor.

Along with weddings and events, I offer a full range of floral services including corporate, tributes and memorials, daily deliveries and more.

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

I have been very fortunate to have been able to make a living by being creative, both as a professional singer/dancer for 20 years in New York City and now as a floral designer here in Portland. I find that floral design is a lot like the theatre with the flowers being your cast of characters in which you can enlist to create varying levels of drama, style, mood and romance.