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What is the price range of your tuxes?

Our tuxedo rental prices start at just $48 with a coupon. Our prices are arranged by collection and top out at $182.

You can, of course spend more than that depending on the accessories you choose.

Being a full service menswear shop, we also offer tuxedos and suits for purchase.


Are alterations included?

Yes, we have a tailor and a seamstress in house who will make alterations as needed.

We guarantee the fit of your rentals, when you keep your final fitting appointment.

Also, for a reasonable fee, our tailor and seamstress can help with the altering of your bridal gowns as well.


Are shoes included?

Included in the price is the coat, vest (or cumberbund), shirt, tie and trousers.

We have several styles of shoes available for just $26 per pair when you rent the ensemble.

Other accessories include: pocket squares, suspenders, socks, hats and gloves.


What is the ideal date by which tuxedos and accessories should be rented?

The bride and groom should come to The Natty Dresser and choose their styles and accessories about two months (or more) before the event. We recommend that the groomsmen come in to be measured at least 1 month prior to the event. Having a small affair, and just need a tux for the groom and his best man? We can make that happen with as little as two weeks notice.


When should appointments for fittings be scheduled?

Final fittings will happen at The Natty Dresser on the Tuesday or Wednesday prior to the event.

The reason for this is to give us time to make any alterations needed so that all the guys in your party will look their best!


Do you have any packages or specials?

The groom's rental is FREE, when you rent 6 other full ensembles. We also have a ring bearer special. All ring bearer suits and tuxedos are compatible with our designer tuxedos and suits, so you can enjoy the savings on the ring bearer's rental no matter which ensemble you choose for your gentlemen. The ring bearer must be accompanied by the groom's rental, the ring bearer's outfit may not exceed size 16.


Is there anything else you would like me to know?

With your big day coming up, you can count on The Natty Dresser to have everything you'll need from tuxedos and suits from the finest designers, to quality accessories in thousands of color combinations. Plus, our expert staff can pull together unique looks utilizing pieces from the quality brands carried in our haberdashery shop. We also carry a full array of groomsmen's gifts, many of which can be personalized with a little prior notice. We look forward to being of service to you!


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