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Catering styles available: (American, English, Family Style, French, Russian, Wagon, Full-service, Partial-service):

Full-Service; Farm-to-Table


Can your menus be customized to suit the client’s preference?

Our planners work very closely with you to customize a menu that best incorporates all the ingredients, flavors, and textures that you desire and will please all your guests


Is taste-testing available?

Complimentary tastings are offered for clients who have narrowed down their final menu selections


Do you possess a liquor license?

Yes, and Reedville Catering bartenders are OLCC licensed, insured and committed to responsible service of alcohol


Bar options available (cash bar, limited bar, open bar):

Beer & Wine Bar and Full Bar available (hosted or no-host)


Are any complimentary decorative items provided for food tables?

Our food is always nicely garnished and tastefully presented; if there is a specific theme or look that a client wants for their event our event planners are always happy to work with them to create it


Cost per person range:

Per person costs are determined by type of event (buffet, sit-down, passed hors d’oeuvres) and number of guests; our event planners will work with you to plan within your event budget


Do you offer dinner stations?

We include a variety of dinner stations on our menu, and can also create one specific to your event


Do you do dessert buffets?

Reedville Catering’s pastry chef is skilled in displaying your selection of many fabulous Reedville Catering desserts


Is there anything else you would like me to know?

Reedville Catering has over twenty years of experience planning events of all sizes, from casual backyard functions to formal sit-down receptions; the common thread is our attention to detail and dedication to the highest quality ingredients



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