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What is your specialty?

Rosycakes specializes in finely detailed wedding cakes and petite desserts. We work with both buttercream and fondant icing and take pride in our handmade sugar flowers. We strive to be aware of the changing trends in the wedding industry and sugar arts so that we can design and make all types of cakes! We do naked cakes and small cutting cakes too.

What is your price range?

Prices for wedding cakes start at $5.00 per serving. Our complete dessert table service is $10.00 per guest and includes all of the fine detailing on our desserts that will take your event to the next level. Hand painted or stenciled sugar cookies and macarons, fresh fruit and flower garnishes, paper dessert cups to match your wedding colors and reduced rates on rentals, and cutting cakes are all included in our complete service. Desserts are also priced by the dozen and can be picked up in our bakery to create your own dessert table!

What flavors do you offer:

We have many flavors to choose from. See our website for a complete listing of cakes and desserts available. Don’t see what you want? Just ask!

Do you have a specialty flavor? Filling? Dessert?

As far as cakes and fillings? Not really! Each flavor and filling is made from a recipe that has been tasted and tested for many years with only the freshest ingredients! We use fresh fruit from local farms and preserve those fruits for use during the winter months. When the French macaron craze hit our area, I was determined to learn how to successfully make them and now they are a very popular dessert choice for dessert tables!

How far in advance can an order be placed?

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible as popular dates book early (as much as a year in advance). A good rule of thumb is four to six months in advance.

Do you charge for delivery?

Delivery charges are $30 for Vancouver addresses and $50 for Portland addresses. Addresses out of these areas are charged by the mile and also reflect current gas prices.

How far ahead of time can desserts be picked up?

Desserts can be picked up at the bakery the day of the event or no later than 3:30 on the day before the event.

Do you offer any specialty items such as monogramming?

Yes, monogramming, handmade sugar flowers and wafer paper flowers are specialties along with baked items such as French macaron towers, croquembouche, madeleine towers, and Scandinavian wedding cakes.

Do you have rental items?

Yes, we have a large selection of cake stands and dessert trays for rent.

Do you do styrofoam “fake” cakes?

Yes, but they are priced the same as a real cake.

Do you always send a box for the top of the cake?

We send one if you ask us!

Is there anything else you would like me to know?

We pride ourselves on our finely detailed work as well as our excellent, moist cakes and delicious fillings made from the freshest ingredients and best imported chocolate. We welcome you to view more examples of our work at Thank you for taking the time to read about us!