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Reception Sites


What is your capacity for receptions?



What is your price range for plated dinners?



What is the room rental fee?

Varies based on space. Please Inquire.


Am I required to use your food, beverages, and serving attendants? Or do you allow outside caterers?

No outside caterers are allowed with the exception of wedding cake from a certified bakery.


What is your cake-cutting fee?

Jake’s Catering will cut and serve the wedding cake as part of the wedding package.


What time do you close?

Based on the space – Midnight for Governor Ballroom


Is there adequate parking available?

Limited valet parking is available. Guests paying for their own valet are charged $15 per car not including gratuity. Additional parking is also available in surrounding parking garages.


Do you have a PA system?

Available to rent


Do you have overnight accommodations available?



Do you have ceremony space?



Is there anything else you would like me to know?

Wedding packages include dedicated banquet captain and banquet servers; tables and banquet chairs; dishware, glassware, & silverware; choice of table linen: black, white, ivory, red, green, burgundy and royal; choice of napkin: choice of (12) stock house colors; and tray pass of ordered items.


Rehearsal Dinners and Parties


Do you offer private party rooms? Is there a rental fee?

Yes, depends on size


What is the capacity of your private party room(s)?

Based on space <900


Do you offer both plated and buffet meal options?



What type of food do you serve?

Classic traditional American Fare


What is your meal price range per person?



Is there adequate parking available?

Yes. Valet parking


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