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What is your specialty?

Sugar flowers, edible metallics, ruffles, textures, and colors are among our specialties alongside a 100% scratch made menu. Our motto is, "We don't believe in plain, white wedding cakes!". There are hundreds of amazing shops out there that can beautifully frost you a white buttercream cake, but that's just not us. We prefer an artsy, modern, perhaps even quirky, couple, the ones who love a splash of surprise shown in color, texture, edible artwork, and who want to show their joining of personalities on such a special day highlighted in their cake.


What is your price range (per slice, chocolate, etc)?

Cakes start at $5 per serving, Cupcakes start at $2 each, Cutting Cakes, for additional servings, start at $2 per serving, and Cookies start at $2.50 each, additional if packaged for wedding favors with bags and ribbon. Sugar flower pricing varies on type and amount of flowers. Every order is custom, so it truly depends on your specific needs.


What flavors do you offer?

We have a wide variety of flavors that can be found on our website under our menus. We use real butter and cream, yummy local Newberg eggs from happy, healthy chickens, real Madagascar vanilla beans, yummy fresh fruit, and high quality chocolates! We want your cake to taste just as delicious as it is beautiful!


Do you have a specialty flavor? Filling? Dessert?

While our Vanilla Bean cake is by far our most popular, we personally favor our chocolate cake - total chocoholics over here! Pair either with a yummy, scratch made, raspberry fruit filling and some chocolate ganache frosting and we're in hog heaven!


How far in advance should an order be placed?

Ideally, as early as possible, but most wedding orders are placed about 4-8 months in advance. Short notice order dates can be accommodated so long as the date is available.


Do you charge for delivery?

Yes we do. Delivery and Set Up is included in one price, dependent on your wedding location.


How far ahead of time can the desserts be picked up?

It is always advised for large orders and wedding orders to pay for delivery to ensure safe transportation (who needs a mishap on your big day?!) but pick up can be arranged if required. Same day or day before pick up is ideal in situations that call for it to aid in freshness of your order and reduce the risky time between pick up and usage.


Do you offer any specialty items such as monogramming, etc.?

Yes! We can monogram and we love to hand paint (edible) on cakes, create sugar flowers for a special WOW factor, and we love using edible metallics both painted and in leaf form. We also can create a novelty Groom's Cake if desired.

Are we allowed to take leftovers home? If so, do you send a box?

You can most certainly take any leftover home and we're more than happy to leave a box if requested. Often times the wedding couple gets so busy during the celebrations that finding time to eat can be hard. It might be a good idea upon cutting time to immediately box up a slice or two to enjoy later!


Do you have any rental items?

Yes, we have several gorgeous, sturdy, high quality cake stands for hire. They require a $75 deposit; $50 of which is refundable upon 1 week undamaged return.


Do you do Styrofoam “fake” cakes? If so, what is the cost?

Yes, we can if desired but there is no cost difference. Purchasing the "dummy" cakes is just as expensive as the cake batter itself, and the same amount of labor goes into decorating a dummy cake as does a real cake.

Do you always send a box for the top of the cake?

We will happily if you request one!


Is there anything else you would like me to know?

Sewell Sweets is a one-woman-run shop completely devoted to bringing your sugar dreams to reality for one of the biggest moments of your lives. Please contact us to reserve your date, schedule a tasting consultation, have an original cake designed just for you and your fiance, and get the sweet talk going! Thank you for your desire to support small and local. <3 *Sewell Sweets believes in love for ALL! NO exclusions! Love is Love!*

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