Pastoral, Dance-Inspired Engagement Session

Sheila and Luke’s engagement session, shot at Beaverton's Cooper Mountain Nature Park and Jenkins Estate, makes for a fun and unexpected pairing of rustic Oregon scenery and glam styling. There’s glitter, kisses, moves worthy of a Dirty Dancing deleted scene, and wine—what’s not to love? If I'm being honest, the premise of this engagement session sounds more like a great date for a couple celebrating their decision to tie the knot than anything else! As a sucker for all things sparkly, I can’t help but love the photos of the couple blowing a handful of glitter towards the camera and sharing a smooch as it falls. I also love the idea of the bride-to-be covering the groom's face in kiss marks - too cute! Scroll through to be inspired by these creative engagement photos.

From the photographer, Erica Ann:

"I shared a beautiful sunny afternoon with Luke and Sheila for their engagement session. We started at Jenkin’s Estate with a wine picnic (I don’t know if that’s a thing, but there was wine and a blanket so I’m calling it a wine picnic). Luke is a dance instructor and Sheila is a happy woman with gorgeous curls so you can imagine how tough that made my job! Luke had her twirling, dipping and up in the air. Meanwhile, Sheila had him blowing glitter and enduring red smooches all over his face."