Polaroid Love

Shake it like a wedding day picture.

I have always been a huge fan of Polaroids, so I was devastated when they stopped making the film. Naturally, I scoured eBay and bought up six packages of expired film to use with my giant, but awesome, Polaroid 600 camera that I inherited from my parents. Just as I was down to my last package of film, The Impossible Project did, well, the impossible! They have just begun manufacturing new Polaroid film for us photography lovers to buy. Yippee!

I am totally in love with the trend of having a photo booth at your wedding or renting old cameras so that your guests can snap candid moments from your day. Now that Polaroid film is back, you can go crazy! 

For a fun way to get your guests involved in the photo process, buy or rent a Polaroid camera for each table at your reception. Your guests will let loose in front of the camera and capture fun moments that you may have missed in the whirlwind of your big day. 

This Polaroid wall art that I created for my own apartment is a great way to display the photos that your guests have taken. At your reception, hang a piece of paper or canvas somewhere and draw a pencil outline of each square space to create a heart-shaped grid. You can copy the number of photos in this grid, or create a bigger one following the same formula. Throughout the evening, your guests can post their photos onto the grid, and by the end of your reception, your Polaroid heart will be full! It's too cute, I know.