Amy & Jeff

Sept. 19, 2009 at Meadow and Sparks Lake and Seventh Mountain Resort

When it comes to love, Amy Korniak and Jeff Pugsley were both “proceed with caution” kind of people. So when Jeff spotted a beautiful blonde at Seattle’s Just Cauz charitable event in August of 2007, it never occurred to him that she would be his perfect match. And Amy never expected the handsome young doctor she found herself chatting with all night long—and subsequently sharing a cab home and a quick good-night kiss with—to be her soul mate. But surprisingly, after a date two days later, the two became inseparable. A couple months after that, Jeff surprised Amy for her birthday by presenting a full-length dressing mirror he’d crafted from a single piece of American Walnut wood. “He spent over 40 hours crafting this at a shop at his mother’s house,” she explains. It was truly made with love; and for Amy, that mirror sealed the deal.

The two were engaged on Christmas Day in 2008; and once they set the budget, both Jeff and Amy knew they couldn’t settle for just any old generic wedding. Amy explains, “We had been to so many weddings before and we didn’t want one where you could just ‘insert couple here’. We didn’t want a spectacle either. We wanted the essence of us.” So when the two visited Bend, Oregon they knew they had found their ideal locale: an outdoorsy spot home to beautiful weather, a small town vibe and the world-famous fly fishing waterway, the Deschutes River—perfect for two avid anglers like Amy and Jeff.

After a welcome gathering at Bend’s Deschutes Brewery, the big day arrived. Timed perfectly between some drizzle and an eventual downpour, the ceremony was performed at the meadows at Sparks Lake, a spot sporting tall grasses and pine trees nestled in the shadow of the Cascade Peaks. Amy walked down the aisle to an instrumental version of Edelwiess, “which made my dad lose it, because growing up, The Sound of Music was my favorite movie.” It couldn’t have been a more picture-perfect—including a beautiful rainbow that made an appearance during the vows.

Post-ceremony, the wedding party avoided the ensuing downpour by hightailing it to the Seventh Mountain Resort. Keeping in line with the desire to stay non-traditional, the beautifully modern-rustic wedding reception included a personally selected wine list, s’mores bar, and homemade apple, marionberry and raspberry-rhubarb pies. After the wedding, Jeff and Amy headed to Maupin, Oregon for a fly fishing “mini-moon” at the Imperial River Lodge; an official European honeymoon is in the works for 2010.

These days, the two live condo-style in Seattle’s Capitol Hill, where Amy works for IBM as a business development manager while Jeff prepares for his fellowship in neurological radiology. And as for that walnut mirror? It holds a prominent place in the couple’s bedroom—as well as in their hearts.

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