Emmery & Tim

A groom's habit of dipping his bride provides the perfect send off for one couple.
From: Spring/Summer 2013 edition

Tim McNamara knows how to kiss his woman. While waiting for a table outside Gino’s Restaurant & Bar in Sellwood on his first date with Emmery Raw, Tim took on charm like the great Fred Astaire, known for his cinematic smooches. He spun Emmery around, dipped her toward the ground and kissed her. Luckily for Gino’s diners inside, the restaurant’s entrance happens to be a facade of windows and a front row seat to the new romance. Yet, how embarrassing for red-faced Tim and Emmery who entered the restaurant after their very public display of affection to a restaurant full of applause. Three years later, Tim and Emmery were announced man and wife at their reception atop outdoor stairs at the Oswego Lake Country Club in Lake Oswego. As if choreographed by Hollywood, Tim pulled out an old trick, and dipped Emmery back to kiss her in his favorite way. The crowd cheered ecstatically, while Tim and Emmery descended the stairs followed by a parade of bagpipes.

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