Jade & Eric

August 9, 2008 at the Oregon Historical Society

Jade was the cute, shy one and Eric was the boisterous troublemaker—in preschool, that is. Nursery school isn’t exactly the place you meet the love of your life, but that’s exactly what happened with Jade and Eric. Of course, they didn’t talk much back then (cooties are dangerous, after all), but continued to cross paths throughout their time in school—even competing against each other as captains of rival swim teams! Both chose to attend the University of Oregon, but it wasn’t until Eric spotted Jade at a grocery store that he finally asked her out. Although he had been running into Jade for years, at that moment, Eric realized that it was his last week of college, and suddenly became panicked that this could be his last chance to get her number. “I felt it was time for me to broach the relationship and take it one step further, no matter the circumstances,” says Eric. Luckily for him, Jade felt the connection too! Fast forward four years of blissful dating to Jade’s birthday barbecue: Eric masterfully choreographed the perfect sunset proposal, made extra special by the fact that they were surrounded by friends and family. Today, they reside in Portland in the Goose Hollow area, where Jade works as a graphic designer and Eric is a portfolio manager.

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