Monica & Brett

Sept. 13, 2008 on the terrace of the EcoTrust building

If Brett Geller’s friends in his hometown of San Diego hadn’t convinced him to move to Portland, Monica and Brett would have had a difficult time getting together. The two had crossed paths at several different social events before Brett even called Portland his home, including a Fourth of July party hosted by Monica. Later in the summer, the couple finally spent their first few moments talking at a mutual friend’s barbecue. The conversation spiraled into lunch dates and dinner parties, and eventually they were dating exclusively, taking weekend trips to Seattle, San Diego and Mexico. Four years later they had yet another weekend getaway at Wallowa Lake in Joseph, Oregon. Brett planned a series of jewelry gifts for Monica over the weekend: a bracelet on Friday, a necklace on Saturday, and a little black pouch holding the ring on Sunday—along with a proposal. After their summer wedding in Portland, Monica and Brett now live in Portland, where she works in advertising and marketing, and he co-owns and operates Deform, a metal shop.

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