Sarah & Rex

Two creative Portlanders make beautiful music together across the city
From: Spring/Summer 2014 edition

Some say music makes the world go round, and in this love story, music is the heart of marriage. Sarah and Rex met in 2000 through mutual friends, but it wasn’t until 2010 that these two creatives (Sarah, 36, is a fashion designer and art professor, and Rex, 42, is a bank adviser and musician in the rock band Fontanelle) reconnected at a Portland concert. Perhaps it was kismet that they found each other the following evening outside of another noisy concert venue and really got talking. In a bit of foreshadowing, Rex asked Sarah at the end of the evening: “What if this was normal?”

At the time, Sarah was living in Los Angeles but after a seven-month, long-distance relationship she decided a move to Portland was in order. Seizing the opportunity, Rex planned a spontaneous trip mid-move to the Malibu Beach Inn and proposed to Sarah on the balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

With a vintage solitaire diamond on her finger from Portland’s Gilt, Sarah and Rex planned their forever together. After deciding on the Grotto for its “epic beauty” as Sarah describes the Northeast Portland Catholic sanctuary, the next biggest decision for the fashion designer was choosing to create, or buy, a gown. Ultimately finding a beautiful Nicole Miller gown from the English Dept., Sarah re-created the top half to best suit herself. She also designed the bridesmaids’ gowns with a fellow designer friend. “We wanted the wedding party to feel as special as possible,” says Sarah.

Seeing each other on the big day, both Rex and Sarah felt relief, “We were happy the day was finally here.” The two handwrote vows to each other and read them aloud during the ceremony—an emotional moment for the couple and guests. After the ceremony ended, the wedding attendants and party traveled across town to Yale Union, a contemporary art foundation in Southeast Portland where Rex is on the board of trustees. Jeremy Larther from Field Day Feasts & Gatherings crafted a mouth-tempting feast of flank steak, roasted chickpeas, specialty green salads and Thai Dungeness crab cakes. With entertainment provided by some significantly talented musicians friends and DJ Gregarious, the whole wedding party, Sarah in particular, danced until the end of the reception. “I grew up dancing. Needless to say, this was my favorite part!” she says. A honeymoon in Maui capped off the celebration and the couple returned to their Southeast Portland home. Sarah teaches at the Art Institute of Portland and Rex is an adviser for Umpqua Banks and hopes to put out a new album with his band this year. They both are also hoping to expand their family soon. 

Portland wedding photos by Hazelwood PhotoPortland wedding photos by Hazelwood PhotoPortland wedding photos by Hazelwood PhotoPortland wedding photos by Hazelwood PhotoPortland wedding photos by Hazelwood PhotoPortland wedding photos by Hazelwood PhotoPortland wedding photos by Hazelwood Photo

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