Sweet & Sunny LOTR, Star Wars & Harry Potter-Inspired Wedding

With Halloween right around the corner, all of the movie-inspired weddings coming our way have been filling me with inspiration! For their backyard summer nuptials, Sammie & Ian used thematic elements from fantasy classics like Lord of the Rings, The Princess Bride, Harry Potter and Star Wars, yet managed to maintain a cohesive aesthetic and fill the day with laughter. Ian, a graphic designer, crafted the HP-inspired “Daily Prophet” wedding favors, while his mother handmade the bride’s elfin-queen-style gown. When attempting to pick my favorite details from this happy affair, it feels unfair to try to choose between the pretty elements and the nerdy homages. Do I love the cheerful yellow floral design paired with teal and turquoise details, or the groomsmen’s lightsabers more? Then there’s the bride’s delicate flower crown, which completes the fantasy-princess look—but there’s also a chocolate cake topped with Princess Leia and Han Solo. Decisions, decisions! Keep scrolling to choose your own favorites.

Bride's Headband
Superhero Buttons
Groom's Ring