Tiffany & Brad

Married May 28, 2009 in Prato, Italy; Celebrated June 27, 2009 in Portland

Tiffany and Brad managed to find romance in the most unromantic scenario: waiting for the loo in a crowded lounge. Stood up by friends, Tiffany started complaining to the cute guy in line behind her, joking about what she should do next. Brad suggested she should stay and hang out with him—and she did. “It’s funny,” says Brad, “we pretty much knew right away.” Two years after they met, Brad committed to a five-month-long job in London… but he also wanted to commit to Tiffany before he left town. He snuck out early on a snowy December morning, planning to buy flowers and surprise Tiffany with breakfast in bed. He surprised her all right. Tiffany, who thought Brad was off golfing, grabbed a can of pepper spray when she heard the door open and stood around the corner, ready to attack. Once she had relinquished her weapon, Brad was able to resume with his proposal—and despite the scare, Tiffany said yes.

The two loved the idea of a private ceremony but also wanted to share their excitement with family and friends. Well, why not have their cake and eat it too? They found a planner specializing in simple Italian weddings (on, and married in the small medieval town of Prato, Italy. A month later, they brought the party to Portland.

The pair picked the Olympic Mills Commerce Center near the SE riverfront, because of its blank canvas feel—perfect for a fashion stylist (who has styled for Oregon Bride!) and animator/director who had a definite vision for the day. Tiffany and Brad dressed up the industrial space with paper lanterns, green wine bottles “upcycled” asvases and Roman beds piled with monogrammed pillows. They dished up Italian finger foods, and offered a signature cocktail called the “Schiffany,” made with cucumber, mint and lemon juice.

Ceramic mustaches on sticks crafted by Brad served as quirky wedding favors, and guests went to town using them as props in the all-digital “photo booth” manned by the couple’s photographer friends. Friends actually pitched in to help with nearly everything, from the Save the Dates (screen-printed dishtowels reading “Celebrate us throwing in the towel”) to invitations—even a personalized cake topper featuring the couple and their dog. Event planner Keely Edmonson pulled double-duty as one of the “unofficial bridesmaids” as well as the unofficial coordinator, and Tiffany’s custom-made black-accented wedding gown was a gift from her friend Wendi Martin of WeMa Designs. “Our wedding definitely took some elbow grease,” admits Tiffany.

These days, the couple is applying that DIY ethic to their North Portland home, turning their second floor into a master suite. If it turns out half as well as their wedding, we’re sure it will look amazing!

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