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Bohemian Chic Wedding at Skamania Lodge

Merran and Jeff's picturesque wedding featured sweeping views and stunning scenery.
Kendall Kantola
Merran and Jeff's wedding at Skamania Lodge

Wedding Date: July 6, 2019

Merran Pearson and Jeff Christman didn’t want their wedding day to quickly pass by and become a blur in time. With that in mind, they hosted a picnic with their closest friends and family after the ceremony and before the reception kicked off. Atop a blanket, they gathered with their crew to enjoy champagne, Washington’s scenery, snacks and good company—all while basking in the joy of their new union.

With its sweeping views and stunning scenery, Skamania Lodge served as a classic canvas for the couple to imbue with their bohemian flare. To start, the couple named each reception table after a different mountain they’ve hiked together. They also used a small tree for their union ceremony, joining soil from different jars to create one blend. Florals presented a combination of texture and whimsy with elements such as pampas, roses and baby’s breath. Together with woven carpets covering the aisle and a burnt orange, blush and mauve palette, the décor—and the day— lived up to its Pacific Northwest boho inspiration.

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