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Breaking Tradition: Five Alternatives to a Wedding Cake

Alexa Sanford
Donuts: Teddie Garland of Savour and Graze

Weddings are an expression of a couple's love for one another. From the florals to the music, everything should be personalized to the bride and groom. In the past, picking out the perfect wedding cake was a non-negotiable. These days, couples are breaking the mold and veering away from wedding traditions and replacing them with aspects that are more personal. That's we've put together our five favorite alternatives to a traditional wedding cake. Because, afterall, there is no rule that says you can't have a wedding cake and dessert!

Donuts: Teddie Garland of Savour and Graze
Cupcakes: Luc Sucre, Photo: Road 40 Photography
S'more: Ninteen 27 S'mores, Photo: We Romantics
Macarons: Donnas Macarons
Ice Cream: Spoon Thumb Ice Cream

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