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Bright and Cheery Wedding Day at The Evergreen in Portland

Amanda and Bryant's midcentury-modern-inspired celebration inside the Loyal Legion Beer Hall‭.
Sara Hubbard

Years before meeting her husband‭, ‬Amanda Tuttle had happened upon Oaks Pioneer Church in Portland and knew immediately it was the place she was one day meant to say‭ ‬“I do‭.‬”‭ ‬Fast-forward a few years and her premonition came true as she tied the knot with Bryant Felton in a loving affair that put friends and family at the heart of the celebration‭. ‬Amanda and Bryant love Portland’s breweries‭, ‬their loved ones and‭, ‬of course‭, ‬their two beloved dogs—all of which were on full display during their nuptials‭. ‬The couple worked with Jodi Iverson of Jodi Iverson Florals to craft vibrant displays of yellow‭, ‬tangerine and white blooms that complemented the bold accents of the midcentury-modern-inspired design‭. ‬Working with Alston Mayger Events‭, ‬Amanda and Bryant curated a palette of warm Pacific Northwest greens‭, ‬ivory and copper‭. ‬The‭ ‬reception took place at The Evergreen‭, ‬which just so happens to be located above Loyal Legion Beer Hall‭, ‬one of the couple’s favorites‭. ‬When envisioning the food for the event‭, ‬Amanda and Bryant didn’t want to give guests‭ ‬“normal”‭ ‬wedding fare‭. ‬Instead‭, ‬they went through several rounds of tastings in order to create the perfect palate-pleasing menu‭. ‬When all was said and done‭, ‬family was the ultimate focus of the night‭. ‬In honor of Amanda’s late father‭, ‬the couple had their first dance to a song he had composed‭, ‬bringing his presence into the room for all to sense‭ ‬and appreciate‭.‬

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