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Deliciously Different Desserts

Emily Dryden Alisa Welch

(above) Lemon tart with hand-piped calligraphy. By Le Cookie Monkey; $28 for 9-inch tart.

(above) Handmade graham crackers bookend a chocolate ganache and caramelized marshmallow filling for a modern take on the campfire favorite s’more. Serve milk out of small vintage bottles for guests to wet their whistles in style. By Le Cookie Monkey; $24/dozen. Milk glasses and carrier, Something Borrowed.

(above) Frosting is a deeply personal thing: some prefer a little, some prefer a great deal more than a dollop. Portland event coordinators Nora Sheils and Heather Seethoff of Blissfully Sweet dreamed up this cupcake frosting station that allows guests free reign on icing and sprinkles. By Cupcake Jones; $1.50 for small cupcakes, $3.50 for large, icing $15/quart. Milk glass frosting bowls, Something Borrowed. Small platter, Portland Party Rentals. Large platter, sugar dots, spatulas, spoons, Blissfully Sweet.

(above) Three types of organic chocolates come together for the decadent chocolate cream pie made by Alberta Street’s handmade-pie mecca, Random Order Coffeehouse & Bakery in Portland. Topped with an abundant layer of whipped cream and contained by a flaky butter crust, this ode to richness is a serious treat. By Random Order Coffeehouse & Bakery; $30. Milk glass platter and plate, Something Borrowed.

(above) Delightfully spongy citrus almond tea cakes are filled with a delicate lemon curd and topped with a fig. Created to order by the Sugar Cube, these sophisticated desserts come direct from the funky bakery’s pink and brown food cart parked on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland. By the Sugar Cube; $36/dozen. Platter, Blissfully Sweet.

(above) Ice cream is experiencing a renaissance in Portland where multiple artisan ice creameries have opened of late, though one of the first and most popular is family-owned Ruby Jewel. They have been churning out handcrafted ice cream sandwiches in North Portland since 2004. Pair these perfectly proportioned handheld pleasures with a cup of hot cocoa for a crowd-pleasing dessert course. Glass cups, Blissfully Sweet.