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Sweet Treats

When it comes to wedding desserts, Oregon is getting creative. The traditional tiered wedding cake is tried and true, but we all know that wedding desserts–just like weddings themselves–aren't one-size-fits-all. The unique and delicious wedding cake alternatives (or, if you're anything like us, additions!) that we've been seeing lately:


Sugary and plump, flaky and delicious, your favorite morning treat has come to weddings. But if you're picturing rows of plain glazed and chocolate varieties on your catering table, don't fret -- these doughnuts are high-style, amped up versions of the original. Take, for example, Red Star Tavern's gourmet Red Velvet Doughnut dessert, available for weddings catered at the restaurant or Hotel Monaco. The plate consists of red velvet doughnuts beautifully adorned with ice cream and chocolate sauce -- and a little birdie told us their working on a wedding "cake" version! (Of course,Voodoo Doughnut -- as famous for its kooky doughnuts as for its wedding services -- does special event doughnuts, as well.)


Fondue is a fun and delicious way to get your guests talking. Pearl Catering offers dessert fondue from Urban Fondue for weddings. You choose from chocolate, caramel cognac, and marionberry cheesecake fondue -- the perfect accompaniment to fresh fruit, pound cake, and dried apricot provisions.


Miniature versions of everyone's favorite desserts are quickly becoming a presence on reception tables.Whether you are looking for elegant miniature cakes, tartlets, or cupcakes, Papa Haydn has miniature desserts down. And what could be more satisfying than having a cake to yourself?


Your ice cream sundae bar is sure to draw a line. Have your guests choose their favorite flavors and toppings (nuts, sprinkles, chocolate, banana, whipped cream...the possibilities are endless!). You can DIY, or you can leave it to the experts at Ben & Jerry's.

You may also want to consider espresso catering post-dessert. Not only does espresso catering feel indulgent and luxurious (not to mention, unique), it will give your guests the boost they need to dance the night away! 

With a little bit of creativity, you can transform the already wonderful wedding dessert into something extraordinary.