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Exclusively Yours: Benefits of an All-Inclusive Space

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From hot air balloon arrivals to secluded photoshoots: the experts at Deschutes Expo Center share all the benefits of a scalable venue
Deschutes Expo Center

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Make your entrance stunning and your departure unforgettable…by horse-drawn carriage, helicopter, or whatever you can dream up! Achieve that rare combination of scalable and customizable with an all-inclusive venue that offers both ample lush acreage and adaptable event halls. These spaces offer fluidity throughout your wedding day—from bridal celebrations to dancing the night away under the stars, and everything in between. Envision transitioning effortlessly from wedding party preparations to ceremony, photography and reception. Selecting a space that includes your ceremony and reception space, catering and bar service, and stunning photography scenery means you can enjoy your day to the fullest with ease. Minimize wedding day stress and spend your time enjoying your extraordinary day!

The Numbers Game
Creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for all attending your wedding is always on your mind as you plan the day! Accommodate your guests by offering the choice of meandering through the beautiful outdoors or enjoying the comforts of indoors. With on-site staging equipment, both indoor and outdoor space options offer quick flexibility for attendance numbers.  An all-inclusive venue has on-site staff who are ready to make needed adjustments for you, and decrease your need to juggle multiple external vendors. More guests then you expected? Make an easy call to on-site staff and additional seating will appear. Suddenly have a guest who needs a vegetarian option? Catering staff are happy to accommodate with the convenience of a full commercial kitchen on site. 

Certainty in Uncertain Seasons
One of the Pacific Northwest’s best features is its stunning outdoor landscapes. Whether your wedding is set against snow-capped mountains or brilliant florals, every season comes with weather worries. Put your mind at ease by choosing a venue with extensive space options that can accommodate sudden weather shifts! Transition outdoor ceremony and reception sites indoors quickly and efficiently with plenty of on-site staff and setup equipment.     

Envision the Best
Ready to find the perfect all-inclusive space for your wedding? Our Deschutes Expo Center can accommodate almost any event an organizer and bride could dream up. While our 320-acre size is impressive, what makes us unique is our ability to scale up or down without impacting quality. We offers many choices of outdoor wedding spaces; including a private park featuring a creek, waterfall, and sunny mountain views! Indoor spaces range from large event halls perfect for your reception, to small rooms suitable for bridal party preparations. Take advantage of our experienced staff’s expertise who will ensure your vision comes to life throughout your entire experience. We offer a flexible approach to craft unforgettable moments tailored to the visions, needs, and budgets of our valuable clientele. We manage the smallest details on the largest scale. We customize your floor plans including staging and equipment rental, with dedicated staff on-call just for you. Our highly-rated catering and bar service satisfies a broad scale, from small bridal party gatherings to receptions for over 2,000. Our full service on-site Expo RV Park can accommodate your visiting guests, in addition to the area’s wide range of lodging and resorts. Provide your guests the opportunity to prolong their stay into a vacation in the Playground of the Northwest! With world-class golf, fishing, hiking, kayaking, entertainment and more, Central Oregon has an adventure for everyone.

Envision… a private creekside park as your ceremony site. Seven mountain peaks as your backdrop, framing every photo taken. Sailing away in a hot air balloon! All this and more awaits you at Deschutes Expo Center.  Celebrate your love in the Heart of Central Oregon!  

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