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How to Get Picture Perfect Wedding Photos

With so many photographers out there, how should a couple choose?

“It’s wise to do your research and maybe even increase your budget a bit to accommodate tried-and-true photographers. The key is to look for a variety of images on their blogs or portfolio—which hopefully also show years of experience. I highly recommend reading online reviews as well to avoid jumping into the unknown.”

-Alice Falzone, Mosca Studio


photography by Holland Studios

What do you think about the use of filters?

“With filters, it’s really a matter of personal preference. Sometimes au natural is a great way to go, although technology has come so far—why not use it? The most important thing is to make sure that you and your photographer are on the same page so that your wedding images will be all that you imagined.”

 -Tami Holen, Holland Studios


photography by Nikita Lee Photography

What makes natural light photography different?

“As a natural light photographer, I’m always seeking the perfect light, while also adapting to the ever-changing elements. Working with the environment affords time to get to know the unique personality of each person I photograph. Natural light photographers tend to appreciate a natural emotion in their subjects and typically shoot with an organic and authentic style.”

-Nikita Lee, Nikita Lee Photography


photography by Alexandra Grace Photography

How is film photography different than digital?

“Film photography captures light and color in a way that illustrates the romantic qualities of a wedding day. As a film photographer, I find myself more focused on the bride and groom rather than the screen on the back of my camera, which means I can make more of an emotional connection and create authentic, creative images.”

-Alex Grace Taylor, Alexandra Grace Photography


photography by  Ellie Asher Photography

Any etiquette tips for posting wedding photos on Instagram?

“Many couples don’t realize that it can be a breach of their photographer’s contract to edit their own wedding photos using Instagram filters. Be sure to ask your photographer and review your contract. In general though, vendors love it when brides post their wedding photos on social media. It’s great exposure for them.”

-Ellie McMakin, Ellie Asher Photography


photography by Courtney Z Photography

How does a couple know they have chosen the right photographer?

“It’s important that you like your photographer. You are going to be spending more time with your photographer than almost any other person on your wedding day—maybe even your soon-to-be spouse! Make sure you feel comfortable and your photos will convey that.”

-Courtney Zerizef, Courtney Z Photography