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Big Love Bridal Bouquet

Outrageously oversize paper flowers are shaping up to be a (pardon the pun) big trend. We first spotted mega-flowers in the window display of Anthropologie in the Pearl District and realized they could easily make a statement as bridal bouquets. Enter crafty Portlander Rachel Coddington, owner of Etsy store Sunny & Stumpy who sells step-by-step paper-flower tutorial templates for crafty couples who want a unique floral touch at their wedding. She created the ombré ranunculus, shown left, out of heavy craft paper. Don’t have the time or talent to tackle such a giant project? Sunny & Stumpy takes custom orders. “Whether someone goes to an artisan to customize something specific or if they create something on their own,” explains Rachel, “those personal details make nuptials a resonant, memorable experience.”

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