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Where the Boys Are: Pre-Wedding Groom's Rooms

Before his wedding to Elizabeth Foley, groom Lew Erwin gathered his groomsmen and other family and friends for a pre-wedding drink and smoke-filled conversation in the Cigar Room at Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub in downtown Portland. And why shouldn’t he? With all of the attention (rightfully) lavished on the bride, the other part of the wedding equation might come to feel a little left out. Venues are beginning to take notice of the needs of the entire wedding party by making available not only a bride’s room for getting ready before the ceremony, but a so-called groom’s room as well. Deep Woods, an otherwise rustic venue west of Eugene in Elmira, boasts a groom’s room that could rightfully be called a man cave: a flat-screen television, stocked bar and enough mirrors to help ensure all of the groomsmen have their ties on correctly. Many grooms are taking the space and creating a decidedly masculine environment before taking their vows by renting pinball machines and pool tables, and even bringing humidors filled with Havana Sweets.

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