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The 5:2 Skin Diet: Bridal Beauty's Latest Craze

Could this new detox be the secret to that bridal glow? Beauty expert Indie Lee weighs in.

Last August, I confidently vowed to go sans-makeup for the entire month, convinced that I'd reset my skin's balance and come out on the other end looking more luminous than ever. I dubbed it "Au Naturel August" and announced it to the world (okay, maybe just my Facebook friends). The next day I was invited to a party, and lacking the willpower to make my fresh-faced debut, my valiant attempt lasted less than 24 hours.

That story is exactly why I find this new 5:2 Skin Diet intriguing. A play off of the 5:2 Diet, a meal plan that involves eating normally for 5 days and restricting calories for 2, the 5:2 Skin Diet promises to resolve your skin woes by encouraging you to wear makeup for 5 days and go au naturel for 2. The latter of which seems much more appealing than it's food-centric counterpart. It has an achieveable appeal that my dive-right-in approach did not.


To give us a professional's perspective on the 5:2 fad, we've enlisted beauty guru Indie Lee. Widely recognized for her all natural product line and easy-going beauty advice, Indie Lee knows a thing or two about skin health. Below she weighs in on how this latest detox is more than a fad, it's part of a larger discussion on how we treat our skin. She also provides us with a few other things to think about in the ever-evolving quest for perfect skin. 

"Skin, our body's largest organ, is a remarkable protector that works hard to remain in balance. Going makeup free for two days a week will enable the body to detox from harsh chemicals, toxins and pollutants that may be lurking in the makeup products you apply," says Lee.


"Overall I think this trending topic is wonderful because it's starting a larger dialogue about healthy skin. It's a conversation that we should all take part in whether we agree or disagree that skin detoxing is a fad or here to stay. Being conscious of how lifestyle decisions affect the skin should result in healthier choices that reflect a vibrant, glowing complexion short term and the deceleration of the skin's aging process long term. Implementing the 5:2 skin diet can be a great springboard for evaluating the products you're using on a daily basis and how they affect your skin."

Lee goes on to explain the right skincare routine should be a key part of the program, as simply ridding yourself of makeup is only half the equation. She suggests you ask yourself these key questions:

-How am I cleansing my face? Are you truly eliminating dirt and impurities from makeup at the end of the day with a natural cleanser and toner? Most of us don't.

-How am I protecting myself from toxins? Makeup is only part of the toxic equation. Are you picking moisturizers and serums that fight against free radicals to protect skin from pollution and environmental stressors, which also cause premature aging?

-How am I nourishing my skin? Hydrate and nourish with antioxidants and nutrients to boost collagen production and cell reproduction.

-What am I putting in my body? What you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it. Research shows gut health is related to skin health. How you feed your body from within is a core building block to having a great complexion.

Moral of the story? Going sans-makeup certainly doesn't hurt. Whether you choose to give this newest detox a go or not, being informed on how your lifestyle effects your skin is the best way to achieve that healthy glow. 

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