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Fit to be a Bride

It’s three months and counting: in addition to tasting cake and cutting the guest list, you’re worried about your arms in that dress—and your tummy in that bikini. Good news: If you’ve officially turned into a stress case, working out will do wonders for your body and soul. We scoured Portland for some bride-friendly personal trainers who are anything but drill sergeants. Their goal? Incorporating fitness in your new life. Oh, and make sure you have a rockin’ bod for the big day.

Jaya Krupp ( understands that anticipating an event like a wedding is just as important as a marathon. The personal trainer and life coach works out of the Green Microgym—the eco-conscious solar-and-human-powered gym over on Alberta—and takes a holistic approach to physical health. Over a three month period leading up to your day, she’ll help you sculpt and tone using compound movement training (exercises that use more than one muscle, like a squat).

But if you’re looking to tone up tout de suite, Megan Lee of Dumbelle Personal Training (503.791.0143; runs bridal boot camps in the summer months through The Healthy Bride ( Over a period of six weeks, the $125 class will have you doing a mixture of cardio and strength training: jumping jacks, squats, pushups and even running stairs. Keep in mind that Megan needs at least four girls to show up to start a class, so grab a few of your besties and get going! Intense? Maybe. Effective? You bet—plus, you’ll work out with other brides-to-be who will share your pain (and maybe some ideas, too).

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