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Getting Fit

A healthy, fit bride is a happy bride -- but between the budgeting, booking, and decision making that comes along with wedding planning, it's hard to find the time to fit in exercise. That's why we love bridal fitness packages! We're sharing a few of our fitness favorites with you, which will set you on a path of healthy habits that you can follow well beyond your I do's. 

1. Wildfire Fitness offers customized, customizable bridal fitness packages so that you can meet fitness goals that suit your lifestyle. One bridal bootcamp package gives you access to the studio's Urban Bootcamp, designed to create lasting changes with the added support and motivation of a group class, along with two private training sessions, so that you get a program tailored to your goals. The best part? Wildfire Fitness offers additional programs for grooms and bridal parties!

2. Urban Recess is a fitness studio exclusively for women. The studio offers fitness training and pilates class, but their signature packages are the Bootcamp and Recess Class. Bootcamp is based on interval training, or cardio intervals interspersed with strength training–getting you fit, fast! The Recess Class is a throwback to those elementary school games you played growing up. Recess Class is appropriate for all ability levels but still provides a challenge to even the fittest brides. Even better, you're sure to forget that it's a workout, because, really, who wouldn't want to have fun and shape up playing recess games?

3. The Balanced Bride combines exercise and relaxation, bringing back balance to the lives of busy brides.The Balanced Bride offers three packages, all of which come with a bubbly herbal-infused champagne cocktail (mmm!) and "balanced bites" appetizers for group packages. Beginning Balance (package A) gives you one hour of yoga class along with an hour of massage. Showered with Balance (package B), which is ideal for parties of four, gives you and your guests one hour of yoga class or acupuncture, one hour of life coaching, tea ceremony, or bride dream interpretation. Bursted with Balance (package C) is ideal for larger parties of eight. You get a unique blessing ceremony, and three hours of customized group yoga, acupuncture, coaching, or bride dream interpretation. Say "om" to a healthy mind, body, and spirit!

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