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High School Sweethearts Tie the Knot at Wind Mountain Ranch

Stormy weather couldn't ruin this outdoor ceremony.
Emily Feig
Post-ceremony, the couple celebrates with loved ones.

Wedding Showers
Ariel Olvera married her high school calculus crush, Addison Pang, at Wind Mountain Ranch on August 11, 2018. Their dreamy mountain wedding took place on the stormiest day of the month. They had sunshine, rain, wind and rainbows all within the span of an hour, making their special day that much more memorable.

Family Touch
Many of the wooden pieces featured at the celebration, such as the ceremony cross, cornhole game, card box, table numbers and ladders, were built by Ariel’s dad, making the decor all the more meaningful to the couple. Their rustic-romantic design perfectly complemented the grand backdrop of Wind Mountain, which overlooks the Columbia River Gorge.

Forever Grateful
“During our wedding planning, we juggled a lot of life events all at once: a doctorate graduation, MBA applications, residency interviews, the purchase of our first home, and for these reasons, we are forever grateful for our incredible vendors and family who ensured our wedding was flawlessly executed,” said Ariel.

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