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Incredible Acts of Texture

Rebekah Gregorich

(Above photo from Grace Loves Lace Icon Collection)

In the age of Pinterest and endless available inspiration resources, everyone is desperate to make their wedding stand out amidst the rest. Interesting color schemes, unique guest favors, and exciting send-offs are all great avenues to explore, but what about another aspect concerning the overall look of the evening: texture. This week we're exploring patterns, complicated textiles, all things that sets a facade apart from your basic 3-color palette. 


Colder tempertures can be a great excuse to play with layering interesting fabrics. A mixture of chunky lace and sheer elements combined with a shaggy fur and loose waves makes for an effortless boho look, yet still maintains structure. The dark eyes juxtapose the etherial color scheme without overpowering it, grounding the entire ensemble.


(Photo by George Barberis)

While most might scoff at anything but a white or off-white napkin, this place setting adds a rustic dazzle to the tablescape that is unexpected, but bursting with acticipation for some elegant comfort food. Gilded placecards and silverware heighten the esteem without  overpowering it. We see the classic white, but in a fur element on the seat. A throwback to the expectation, but presented in a new and exciting way.


(Photo by Annie Grace Photography)

Marble has been a trend for a few years now, as has uber smooth fondant and buttercream. Neither shows signs of slowing down, to which we're thankful for. This pristsine 3-tiered cake towers over a scrumptious pile of perfectly imperfect macaroons. What better way to highlight texture than with the most classic textured cookie. After all, texture in food is probably the most important of them all. Juxtapose that with a sleek sponge no one would dare cut into, we're almost satisfied just to eat with our eyes. Almost.


(Photo by Lindsey Rose Photography)

Some brides and stylists have said in the past that a bridesmaid dress should look good, but never overpower the wedding dress. That may be true, but no one said that you couldn't pick a sparkling gold bridesmaid dress first, then simply make sure the bride tops that. This dazzling piece flows like a dream, somehow looking comfortable and easy while shining literally from a mile away. A small, monochrome bouquet is perfect to tone down the look, only slightly.


(Photo by Deyla Huss Photography)

Hyper clashing with a like-minded color palette is a great idea to liven up any spread. Soft blues and oranges may blend into one cohesive pattern from a few steps away, but a closer look shows the great detail and delightful complication. And that's truly the point of texture, to reward our senses when we dive deeper. Deep reds and greens in the floral arrangement give this scene one last note of complexity, folding it into the nature surrounding it yet also standing out on its own.

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