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Leather Over Lace

Maggie Anderson

Your wedding day is built on fantasies: You’ll look the best you ever have, donning the biggest, whitest dress or the sharpest, blackest tuxedo, kiss your perfect partner, eat the perfect meal, dance the perfect dance and start your perfect life. Right? Well, yes—but Liesl Finkler and Erik Lashbrook wanted their wedding day to be about fantasy and reality. “As much as we wanted to embrace the wedding vibe, we really wanted to stay true to us, how we really are,” Liesl says. So Liesl wore a big, white dress, and Erik wore a sharp, black tux—and then they topped their wedding-day finery with leather.“I wanted him to see me like I am every day, not some illusion that he would only see once,” says Liesl. “The dress was definitely full-on bride, but the jacket was me.”