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Modern Elegance at The Eleanor

A Sparkly Wedding at The Eleanor is Complete With Some Light Rain and a Food Truck!
Julianna Gaytan
Sam Gehrke Photography

Wedding Date: February 29th, 2020

A 21st century love story; boy meets girl online.  Upon first meeting, Chris told Maggie that he was going to become her boyfriend, to which she replied, "Good Luck!"  Flash foward to a little more than a year later on the morning of Christmas in 2018, Chris got down on one knee and asked for Maggie's hand in marriage.  Soon after, the wedding planning commenced and Maggie purposely chose Leap Day to be the day of their nuptials. Their big day was met with some light rain, but they didn't let a few drops get them down as the mist and soft light offered a magical photo-op moment with some umbrellas. What made this day even sweeter was a late night food truck visit from Pip's Donuts! We love how all of these details culminated to a perfect day, that we are positive they will remember fondly on their anniversary (4 years from now)!

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