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Modern Multicultural Wedding at Castaway Portland

Arti and John infused their wedding with modern twists based on their passions and personalities.
Kendall Kantola
Yasmin Khajavi Photography

Wedding Date: August 24, 2019

Arti Khanna always knew that she wanted to include Hindu traditions in her wedding ceremony. John Darnell, originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming, wanted his loved ones to experience the magic of Portland. The result was a colorful celebration toasting both of their backgrounds and passions. The wedding kicked off with a baraat, a customary Hindu groom’s parade. In true Portland style, John arrived not on a horse, but on a bicycle pedicab. Arti wore a bridal lehenga in a nontraditional blush tone and later changed into a white ensemble handmade in India.

To avoid feeling inauthentic to themselves, the couple steered clear of wedding norms that didn’t suit their personalities. In lieu of a guest book, friends and family signed a personalized print of the Portland skyline that Arti and John had made themselves. With many out-of-town guests coming in for their big day, it was important to the couple to choose a venue in the heart of Portland, one that showcased the city where they fell in love. Castaway’s industrial setting combined with a mix of romantic and minimalist décor set the tone for a memorable Portland experience.

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