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Music to Your Ears

DJs, iPods, digital music – the unlimited choices for party music, new and old, classic and top 40, make it easy to get a party going. But there's nothing like the energy that a live band provides. Oregon is packed with talented musicians, so we asked five wedding and entertainment experts to pick their favorite groups that will turn your reception into the concert of the year.

The Swingline Cubs know how to work the crowd. I wish I could get out and dance with the guests but I’m always busy taking pictures of all the fun!” – Alexis Achten, wedding photographer,

Marianna and the Baby Vamps [right] are a fun ’60s-inspired girl group that does songs from that era with a tongue-in-cheek view of love. They also present original and custom compositions.” – Sara Gray, wedding photographer,


The Stolen Sweets—because who doesn’t love a good old timey jazz dance party at their wedding? There may be some folks out there, but I don’t want to know them.” – Bob Ham, music writer,


“The band TapWater is fantastic! At first I had no idea how the ‘world twang’ combination of steel drum, fiddle, guitar and bongos was going to work, but it was just the right mix.” – Trisha Mead, PR & Publications Manager for Portland Center Stage,

“My favorite is this solo artist named Scott Head who sounds like an entire band because he loops his own instruments and plays over them live. Pretty cool.” – Travis Shields, wedding videographer,

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