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Personalized Wedding Songs

Whether sweet or silly, slow or fast, old or new, the first dance tune says a lot about your unique love—making it a singularly tough choice amid all the planning. But what if that song could really be your song? Rusty Griffin hired Portland songwriter Sam Leach to pen a custom love song just for his bride, Collette. “The lyrics were like our inside secret,” he remembers of their July 12, 2009, nuptials. “Weddings can become about everyone else, but during our dance that moment was 100 percent about us.” Through his business, Boy Writes Song for Girl (BWSFG), Leach, who also plays in the popular Portland band Eve’s Dilemma, writes custom songs from the man’s perspective for the love of his life. Leach describes the process as “channeling” his clients’ feelings and history. The $200 service includes your initial interview, a performance of the finished song, and a CD complete with customized case and lyrics. And, of course, a lifetime full of dances.
     Below, sample two of Sam's songs, Out of the Park and The Way You Are.

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