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Out-of-the-Box Decor Inspiration

Rebekah Gregorich

(Above photo by Tida Svy Photo)

A wedding is only what you put into it. If you stick to what you've already seen, your day might fade in with the 5 other celebrations your guests have attended this year. Use your right brain to cook up some exciting decor ideas that will make  your day really pop. Here's some jumping off points.


Antique couches. Intiguing sculptures and focal points. These additions can be used in multiple ways on your wedding day. They'll give your photos a prop to bounce inspiration off of. They're a talking point at cocktail hour, maybe even an extra seat. If you find yourself in a shop of oddities, imagine some unique pieces that go with your color palette, your guests will be regarding your decor long after the night's over.


(Photo by Viktoriya Bogdanova Photography)

Phantom of the Opera, though dark and not a relationship to strive for, had a romantic vibe to its set decoration. Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush use the same. Haphazardly strewn-about candles and florals across the floor in over-the-top quantites that send an aura of effortless beauty and controlled chaos. Nothing even needs to be lit (given the obvious fire hazard), there's just something wild and chic about unorganized decor such as this.


(Photo by Ellie Asher Photography)

Many couples are seeking a new way to present their floral arrangements. Minimalism is also having a very  long moment. Shown here is a great way to combine the two. The expert use of negative space creates a silhouette that's much more than the sum of its parts. A frame becomes a new painting depending on each individual vantage point. The suspended bouquet transforms itself as you move around a room. If you want your atmosphere to come alive on your wedding day, this is a great way to do it.


(Photo by Kayla Jannika Photography)

Speaking of alive, why not? These furry wedding guests are perfect to pose with during photo ops, not to mention an exciting activity for downtime (with correct supervision and care, of course). Dress the family puppy up in a matching tuxedo and have him thank your guests for coming instead. Utilize the farm animals at your rustic barn wedding for an unexpected portrait. Why are llamas in my wedding photo, you ask? Why not? They're adorable!

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