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Send in the Clowns: 5 of Your Photo Booth Questions Answered

1. What is the worst mistake you can make when booking your photo booth?

While you might think the nook outside the reception hall is a perfect fit for the photo booth, it will not be used nearly as much as if it was next to the bar or inside the reception area. Guests don’t want to miss anything and won’t use the photo booth if they have to be pulled away from the celebration.

—Christy Vance, The Original Photo Booth

2. What are the trendiest props?

I really love the slow-motion booths. These types of booths are a huge hit and much more interactive with all of the silly string, confetti cannons and even fake money to make it rain. They can do printing just like a typical photo booth but also capture the videos with instant playback and social sharing.

— Zach Thomas, Apogee Events

3. Do you have any tips for wedding goers?

Put your creative hat on and have a good time. Photo booths are a good way for outgoing people to perform and shy people to have a good time without putting themselves out there too much. These pictures are memories that will last a long time, so have fun!

—Thomas Cook, Phototainment PDX

4. What is the best way to personalize photos?

Without a doubt, the best way is with a custom border: print the bride and groom’s names and date of the wedding right on the photos. They work great as wedding favors. You can also include reminders on the photos, like a hashtag for your wedding where they can find their pictures later.

—Jason Weitz, Oooh Snap!

5. What are the trendiest props? Are there props to avoid?

The worst props are feather boas, hands down! Venues can’t stand them, they make such a mess. On the other hand, we love props that hint at pop culture. Masks of politicians and movie characters are always a hit. And forget the old mustache-on-a-stick—it’s all about the unibrow-on-a-stick.

— Anna Blomdahl, The Portland Booth

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