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Baby, You're a Firework: Wedding Day Sparklers

Megan McCarty Brittany Cox

Thanks to some online inspiration, Olga Galkovskaya and Andrey Drotenko snagged a handful of sparklers on the Fourth of July as photo props for their wedding 10 days later. Their foresight paid off with this adorable photo op. “The sun was setting as we walked around downtown Portland for some final shots,” recalls Olga, who coaxed her groomsmen into picking up some twinkling wands to write L-O-V-E as she kissed her groom. Photographer Max Mikhaylenko of Maxm Studio set his camera under the leafy canopy of trees lining Portland’s South Park Blocks for the sparkling photo effect that requires a long exposure and a very still camera. Olga soaked up the moment, remembering, “It was the perfect ending to such a commemorative day.”

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