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The New Boudoir

Nothing says personal like intimate boudoir photography, and perhaps that is why it has become such a popular groom’s gift. Don’t be shy, modern boudoir is for every body type, says Portland photographer Deyla Huss. “It’s my job to pose women in flattering ways.” With the focus on creating seductive images, bridal boudoir doesn’t have to mean lingerie or full-on nudity. Huss explains that the current trend is a soft look in natural light where even suggestively draped clothing can be sexy. “My primary goal is to help women feel gorgeous,” she says.


If you’re thinking about taking the plunge into bridal boudoir, the first step is to find a photographer you’re comfortable with and whose style matches your own. Location, wardrobe and professional hair and makeup styling are the biggest topics to discuss with the photographer, but be sure to ask about any concerns you might have about privacy on set and once the photos are complete. Prices for the shoot start around $300, with a selection of edited prints and digital photos added afterwards.


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