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Adventure Time: Organic Wedding at Sister Rocks State Park

Allison Hall & Joe Camden

Married and celebrated: Sister Rocks State Park, near Port Orford

August 6 & 27, 2016

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: “Most guys probably don’t get as excited about this as I did, but I absolutely loved her dress!” says Joe. “The first time I saw her, I was so taken aback I didn’t know what to say. I will never forget how I felt during our first look.”

SOMETHING SENTIMENTAL: Allison wore jewelry from her grandmother and mother for the ceremony, but her parents had more up their sleeves. “My dad pulled a white handkerchief with my grandfather’s handwritten initials in the top corner (he passed away just over a year ago), and my mom wrapped it around the base of my bouquet, securing it with a jeweled pin that had belonged to my great-grandmother. They told me, ‘Now everyone is here to celebrate.’”

LET IT GO: “I’m very type A, so to get married in the middle of the wilderness, sight unseen, without a caterer, wedding planner or a hair and makeup artist, all of that was terrifying,” says Allison. “In the long run, that was a wonderful decision, since there wasn’t a strict plan to stick to and no concrete idea of how it ‘should be.’”


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