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Confetti Celebration: Colorful Wedding at the Pacific Northwest College of Art

GRAND OPENING: “Our nephews ran into the ceremony to our booming processional, ‘The Superman Theme’ by John Williams throwing handfuls of white confetti,” recalls Scott. “We told them to go crazy and throw as much confetti as possible, to create a snowstorm of white confetti for us to walk through. Seeing photos of the two of them doing this was overwhelmingly emotional. It was a pure expression of joy, as it was meant to be.”

AND…SCENE: As an ingenious way to start conversations between friends and relatives, the couple, both of whom are writers, gave each guest a script. “The table scripts were a scene of the 12 people at that particular table talking to each other, introducing themselves,” says Scott. “We couldn’t be at each table, but the table scripts did our job for us, making introductions and connections. It took a long time to write all those scripts—but it was worth it.”

DANCE PARTY: The couple’s first dance, set to “Fire Meet Gasoline” by Sia, was a complicated routine they’d been practicing for months with the help of a choreographer. “We utilized the whole dance floor, second floor balcony above—and at the end, five confetti cannons were fired. My 11-year-old niece, a professional dancer with the Oakland Ballet, joined us and brought the house down,” recalls Daniel.

CONFETTI, CONFETTI EVERYWHERE: With so much confetti being thrown and shot out of cannons, Scott’s aunt joked that there’s been a confetti shortage in Portland since Scott and Daniel’s wedding. “It was like an inch thick everywhere,” says Scott. “But really, when else in life are you going to get to fire confetti cannons? We are thinking of putting a confetti cannon in our living room and firing it off every now and then—just to remind us of the wedding.”


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