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Dreamy Rustic Wedding in The Valley

Natural Inspiration: With an outdoorsy groom and a bride who’s co-owner of Good Seed Floral Design in Eugene, nature was sure to influence this wedding’s design. “Josh grew up hunting and fishing and spending the night out in the forest,” says Joanna. “I, on the other hand, wanted flowers everywhere and more of a romantic feel. We came up with a romantic, woodsy vibe. It was the perfect mix of both of us.”

Impromptu Getaway: Immediately after the ceremony, the couple wanted to cool down from the 90-degree heat as newlyweds. “We ran down to the creek by our venue and sat with our feet in the water. It was such a perfect moment,” says Joanna. “Then we snuck into the kitchen and sat in the freezer doorway eating chips and salsa.

Songs of Love: “I had been planning and telling people for months that I would write a song to sing at our reception,” says Joanna, who still hadn’t penned her tune two days before her wedding. “It’s a very different thing to write a song for the person you are in love with; nothing felt big enough. But I ended up writing it the day before and singing it to him in front of all our guests. It was so special.”


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